Frequently Asked Questions


6. What type of information do you want for the client history?  The client history, collected at the first session, helps me understand where you’re coming from, what may be contributing to the problem and what you have already tried to fix it.  We will likely discuss things like sleeping habits, eating habits, general health history, family health history, family interaction patterns, identifying your support system, relaxation practices and general self-care.

Your mind and body co-habit the same space.  When one is distressed, often the other is too.  Conversely, we can often relieve distress by improving wellness practices.  If it’s appropriate for you, we may address sleep issues, eating habits and self-care habits to help give you a leg up on feeling better more quickly. 

Many clients find it beneficial to pay attention to personal health habits and ask family members about family health history before coming to their first appointment.  Some clients learn a lot just through attending to their choices!