Frequently Asked Questions


7. My loved one needs help.  Will you work with them?  Referring your loved one to me is the best compliment I can get. It means you trust me to help someone you care about.  Thanks for thinking of me for the referral. 

There are some ethical guidelines around seeing multiple clients from the same family.  Generally, clinicians avoid 'dual relationships' or the having conflicting interests with a client.  If there are any ethical concerns with a referral from a client, I would discuss them with you and perhaps recommend other options. 

Assuming there are no ethical concerns, I would be interested in hearing from your loved one to see if their concern is one with which I can help.  It's important I hear from the potential patient, not just a concerned loved one.  Being willing make initial contact with the therapist says a lot about a person's current level of investment in the therapeutic process.  Occasionally a loved one is unable to make the initial contact unaided. In those instances, I recommend you and your loved one call me together.  I can then talk to you both and help formulate a meaningful plan.